Finished Novel: The Opposite Of Wizard

If you read or follow many blogs, you’ve probably found that if someone doesn’t post anything in six months, there’s a high probability that they’ve stopped entirely.

Not so with this blog. As it happens, I’ve spent the time in between then and now finishing and revising a book. A book? Yes, a book, with dozens of words, and even entire pages.

Because of first-rights publishing standards, I won’t post any of it here, but I promise you, it exists.

As a small substitute, here is the ‘back of book’ synopsis for that book, written in that classic ‘summarizing everything in ten seconds with happy background music’ style:

“No one is quite sure what to call Pendelum Nil. Is he a Dis-enchanter? An Un-magicker? A De-incantationer? No one seems to know. However, everyone knows what Pendelum is not, and that is a wizard. Instead of being able to create magic, Pendelum has the unusual ability to take it apart. This means that Pendelum is called in whenever magic goes wrong, which is frequently. Whether it’s reversing an unfortunate amphibian transformation of plague-like proportions, or cleaning up after a wizard-battle-gone-awry, magical damage control is his business.

In the Opposite of Wizard, young apprentice Pendelum Nil finds himself working with the best (and only) in the anti-magic business. This includes Eledy Willow, an anti-mage who is completely and utterly immune to magic, Monteblanc, who is a ghost, and his boss-and-or-guardian, Allister Wicke, who has recently had a magic-related accident of his own. Pendelum’s assignments, which range from the mundane to the potentially-fatal, gain him both grateful clients and a handful of accidental enemies.

In this light-hearted, slightly askew look at the world of fantasy, readers follow a cast of non-heroes as they experience the wondrous effects and troubling consequences of a world full of everyday magic.”

As always, if you feel like reading a few chapters, feel free to contact me.

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