SPEC Script: Portlandia

‘Portlandia’ is a sketch comedy show featured on IFC, currently in the middle of its third season. It stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein (and is presumably written by the same duo as well as the show’s producers, Andrew Singer and Jonathan Krisel).

The show is slanted regional satire to some, ‘that show about hipsters’ to others, and is based on Armisen and Brownstein’s earlier web-based work as Thunder Ant. The show captures a seemingly small subculture that is somehow universal, and plays out exceptionally well without necessarily being driven by clear-cut punchlines.

You can find the series on Amazon (here) as well as Netflix Streaming (here).

My attempt at writing an episode is below.

Portlandia Spec:
Harvesting Is Homicide (Download PDF)

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