I Is Explanation

This blog will eventually be a read-able archive of my attempts to become a full-time writer.

Most of the read-able material will be scripts I’ve written based on other people’s characters and creative properties. This is a fairly standard practice for aspiring writers, the idea being that it’s easier for someone to get a sense of your writing if they’re reading characters that already exist. It’s also meant to show that you can write in a style that’s not necessarily your own. It is not meant to “edit”, “correct”, or otherwise infringe on those creative properties.

Production and publishing standards being what they are, the fates do not tend to look kindly on those who publish their original work on the Internet. This is slightly different for art (it’s easier to label work as a digital portfolio) and ideas based on existing creative properties.

Because of this, I’ll be posting updates on original work (for instance: Chapter Five of Title of Book finished), and if you’d like to read it, you can send me a quick e-mail at the provided address. I’ll e-mail you back a copy, and first-rights publishing rules will be thusly circumvented.

Thanks for visiting.

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